Since foundation of the company in 1963 we have been focusing on the development, construction and manufacturing of potentiometers as well as sensors for path, angle and position detection for industrial applications.

Most of the components used in our products are traditionally developed and manufactured in-house. This high manufacturing depth allows us the greatest possible flexibility.
In addition to wire winding technology, this is primarily conductive polymer thick-film printing.

Our own paste laboratory is engaged in the development and production of polymer conductive pastes that can be individually customised to your needs. The printing of the thick layer on a substrate (e.g. FR4) is done by using the silk screen printing process on our own equipment.


Our solutions for you

  • Development of individual polymer pastes according to your specifications in our own laboratory
  • Customised PCB designs are possible
  • Integration of the resistor print on existing PCB´s
  • Long service life, excellent linearity due to high abrasion resistance
  • Temperature resistance up to 170°C
  • Solderable connection pads, other interfaces on request
  • Greatest possible flexibility through own machinery
  • From the first design to the final serial product we are by your side

Areas of application & industry sectors

  • Machinery and plant engineering
  • Automotive and ship building
  • Building technology
  • Medical engineering
  • Data and security technology

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